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Unlock the secrets to safeguarding your data by delving into Cryptoloc’s whitepaper documents.

Cryptoloc Security Technology

According to the Global Risks Report, cyber risks are in the top 5 of global priorities. The world’s increasing interconnectedness and pace heightens our vulnerability to attacks that cause not only isolated and temporary disruptions, but radical and irreversible systemic shocks. Solutions using our patented Cryptoloc security technology are at the forefront of secure digital document management.

Cryptoloc for Registry

A registry is a collection of all the official records relating to someone or something. Businesses and Governments maintain multiple registries that are core to the success and function of their departments. These may vary from a registry of suppliers to a registry of births, deaths, and marriages. As we move to a paperless society, large collections of valuable metadata are an increasingly valuable target for cyber criminals.

How Cryptoloc Can Solve your GDPR Data Transfer Issues

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and associated stiffer penalties and increased enforcement activity has highlighted the global importance of ensuring data protection, particularly for entities dealing with personal data on an international basis. Many organisations are now looking for steps they can take (such as encryption) to ensure that data transfers are safe from the disruption of similar decisions in the future.
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