Fortify your business with the world's strongest three-key encryption technology

Cryptoloc Cloud

Make the world's safest cybersecurity platform
the foundation for your company.
No matter the application.

Cryptoloc lets businesses and consumers interact securely and safely, no matter the application.

Cryptoloc uses cryptographic algorithms to encrypt data. This locks and secures it, ensuring only you can access your information. Build apps, software, services and products that truly protect you and your customers. Or use the products we’ve built for you – Cloud, Secure2Client, and QA – to fortify your business. No other cybersecurity platform comes close to Cryptoloc for secure, safe data management.

Keep your data safe and fortify your business. Securely.

Build products on a secure foundation

Shield your software and build your products in a completely secure environment. No other platform has ever been able to guarantee the same protection as Cryptoloc, the secure internet alternative. 

Eliminate traditional vulnerabilities

Attackers exploit vulnerable environments. Protect your software from the earliest stages of development with Cryptoloc’s secure platform and minimise your exposure to risk. 

Endless applications

Cryptoloc’s secure solution can be deployed to develop and build virtually any product that requires first-class protection. Safeguard your reputation and futureproof your products with the world’s safest digital platform. 

Cryptoloc Cloud

The world’s most secure cloud storage solution


Secure document delivery and electronic signatures to third parties


The ultimate counterfeit prevention and detection solution


Develop and build your own products on the Cryptoloc platform

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