Counterfeit Prevention Solutions

The World's Most Effective Counterfeit Prevention & Detection Technology

Cryptoloc QA is a powerful counterfeit prevention and detection technology that can be applied to any product. From banknotes to batteries, if you have a product that needs protection from counterfeiting, QA has you covered.



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Welcome to Cryptoloc Technology Group

High-Security Document Management, Cybersecurity & Counterfeit Prevention Solutions designed to counter the threats of today and tomorrow.

Cryptoloc Technology Group is an ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security) certified cybersecurity company based in Australia, with five offices across the globe. We have developed and patented one of the world's most secure encryption technologies and we deploy this across a range of Document Management, Hardware/ Software Security and Counterfeit Prevention/ Detection solutions. Our solutions are built with security in mind that's why you can rest assured that our products are an investment in your business' future.

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Counterfeit Prevention & Detection

Cryptoloc QA is a highly effective counterfeit prevention and detection solution that can be applied to any product.


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Electronic Signatures for AWS

The Cryptoloc S2C API for AWS allows you to add electronic signature requests to your AWS application.


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Electronic Document Management

Cryptoloc Vault is a powerful high security cloud based EDMS tailored to your exact requirements.


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Electronic Signatures for Microsoft Outlook

Our Microsoft Outlook Add In allows you to send encrypted documents and request signatures from Outlook.


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Electronic Signatures for your ERP or CRM

Cryptoloc Secure 2 Client lets you send fully encrypted documents and request electronic signatures from your ERP/ CRM


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Our patented encryption technology can be deployed to any high security hardware or software applications with minimal computing.


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Careers at Cryptoloc Technology Group

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Powered by Amazon Web Services

We believe good security starts with a good cloud computing platform, which is why our solutions are powered by AWS cloud computing.  As an APN Select Technology Partner you can rest assured that you are dealing with a company that understands the importance of developing scalable, high security enterprise solutions.


More than 90% of Fortune 100 companies and the majority of Fortune 500 companies utilise APN Partner solutions and services.

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