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Cryptoloc Backup

How it works

The Backup Agent runs on any PC that has access to the data files – be that local or network storage. The files are encrypted on that PC and the encrypted file is copied to the cloud. The unencrypted file never leaves your local network.

The backup status can be viewed through the agent or via the web console. Some or all the files can be restored via the same agent or – if you have the required security – from the web console

The Challenge

Protecting critical business data must be a priority for any business. The damage to the reputation of a business and its inability to operate after a data loss makes data security one of the most critical parts of the resilience of a business.

Threats to data are common. Hardware failure, user error, natural disasters and malicious damage. Malicious attacks are widespread and becoming more sophisticated every day. No one is immune to this type of attack on their data, so every business must be ready to recover after any event of this type.

A secure backup infrastructure and operation has historically been the domain of big enterprises with large IT teams. Unfortunately, data security is not just a large enterprise problem. All businesses and even individuals need a solution to keep their data safe.

To be secure, your backed up data needs to be protected in a completely separate location to the actual data, but be quickly accessible when required.

Backups are only useful if you’re able to recover your files when you need them. Struggling to install and configure software when you need your data back is part of the problem, not the solution.

The Solution

Keep your data safe with the cryptoloc backup.

Install the backup agent on a PC and have it automatically backup your files into the Cryptoloc Encrypted storage. Best of breed encryption keeps your information private as it is transferred to the cloud. You decide who can access that data once it is stored there.

You can easily verify backup status from the agent or through the web application from home.

The Cryptoloc technology means you will not back up multiple copies of a file but will keep every version of a file within your chosen retention period. All those versions can be browsed through the familiar Cryptoloc Cloud interface. That means staff can restore their own files or use this interface to keep working if the normal workplace is unavailable.

Restoration Options
Option Description Scenario
Web Download
The file can be downloaded using the web app
A file is accidently deleted
The file can be shared with someone else who can download it using the web app
A staff member wants an older version of the file and wants to browse through versions to find correct one
Full Restore
The backup agent can completely restore all the latest files or the files from a point in time
Files are unusable due to ransomware attack and previous version of files is required
Partial Restore
Using the backup agent, directories or individual files can be restored from a point in time
A hard disk failed and a number of files are lost
Get back to business fast
With real time data recovery and ransomware detection capability, you can minimise any business disruption caused by a cyber-attack.
Avoid data deletion
With automatic back-ups of your information to Cryptoloc’s cloud-based system, you don’t have to worry about malicious or unintentional deletion of data.
No hardware required
Our cloud-based solution eliminates the cost of hardware needed for physical backup systems, so you can minimise upfront investment costs.
Let users recover their files
Your staff can access and recover their own data – from a single file through to their whole hard drive. You get the power to choose and recover.
Three-key encryption
Your data will protected by our patented three-key encryption, so it can’t be hacked or read by malicious actors.
Built-in ransomware protection
Cryptoloc Backup has built-in ransomware recovery. You’ll get your business back online, almost instantly.
Protect your assets

Dive into the realm of impenetrable protection and secure your data within your own private cloud.
Start using Cryptoloc today and experience the most effective means of safeguarding your invaluable assets.