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Cyber crime reported every 10 minutes in Australia: report

November 24, 2020

Online scams are taking their toll on Australian computer users, with a cybercrime being reported to authorities every 10 minutes.

That’s according to a story by Information Age that points to the findings of the latest Annual Cyber Threat Report conducted by the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

ACSC says that of the 60,000 cyber crimes reported in the past year, slightly more than one third were categorised as fraud related, with fake romances, dodgy investments and shopping scams the leading causes.

“Cyber crime is one of the most pervasive threats facing Australia, and the most significant threat in terms of overall volume and impact to individuals and businesses,” the ACSC report says.

“Cyber criminals follow the money. Australia’s relative wealth, high levels of online connectivity and increasing delivery of services through online channels make it very attractive and profitable for cyber crime adversaries.”

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