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Our patented encryption technology sets a new standard when it comes to securing data and protecting your business.

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Secure just isn't secure enough

Cryptoloc's patented encryption technology is designed to offer layer after layer of security to virtually any application that demands the best of the best when it comes to cybersecurity. 

Our patented security technology sets a new standard when it comes to securing data. It's at the core of our portfolio of solutions and its versatility means it can be deployed to virtually any application that needs more than just encryption alone.  

Developed over several years in collaboration with an elite team of Cryptographers, Mathematicians, Data Scientists and Software Developers, it combines three different encryption algorithms (AES 256, RSA 4096 and RSA OAEP) into one process and creates three different key pairs, all of which are required to decrypt the protected data. These three different key pairs are stored in three separate locations, meaning an attacker would need to carry out three separate attacks on different systems, without being detected, in order to decrypt any usable data.

It works by encrypting data using AES 256 and generating an RSA 4096 key pair. That key pair is then split into three separate parts, which in turn have an additional key pair each. That secondary key pair is encrypted in RSA OAEP before being given to three separate parties (system, escrow and agent).

Cryptoloc's patented encryption technology is designed for demanding applications where encryption alone is not enough.

Benefits for business

  • For high security hardware and software applications that demand more than just encryption alone

  • Can be deployed to almost any application

  • Fully supported and maintained

  • Completely tailored around your application requirements

  • Competitive pricing built around your solution

  • Patented technology giving you an advantage over competition

  • ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management) certified


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Protect your whole business or just part of it

The versatility of our encryption means it can be deployed to a number of different applications including network security, data security or hardware devices. Use it to protect your business network and data or use it in hardware based applications such as coded car keys, card terminals or authentication token devices.  Whatever application you need it for our in house Solutions Architects can design and develop a solution tailored to your requirements. Our development team can also work closely with you or IT team in developing your solution.  For high security clients such as defence or banking, we can provide a closed development team meaning only using employees with high level security clearance and background checks conducted by an agency of your choice.


Our technology can be deployed to virtually any application including (but not limited to) the following applications:

  • Network Encryption

  • File Encryption

  • Data Protection

  • Secure Messaging

  • Data Tunnel Security

  • ISP Security

  • User Authentication

  • Bank Authentication Tokens

  • Defence & National Security

  • Aerospace Security

  • Automotive Keying

  • Software Protection

  • Card Payment Terminals

  • ATM Security

  • Cloud Computing Security

  • Content Delivery Networks

  • eCommerce Platforms

  • Logistics Messaging

  • eInvoicing

  • EDI

  • Banking

  • Payment Processing

  • Digital Signatures

  • CRM Security

  • ERP Security

  • Government Commerce

  • Access Control

See how it works

Try this demonstration to see how our patented encryption technology works.

Move the slider to see how it works


AES 256





RSA 4096

Public Key

Private Key


Public Key

Private Key


Public Key

Private Key





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