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Cryptoloc Secure 2 Client is a powerful digital signature platform for businesses that need a high security document signing solution.

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Electronic Document Signing,

Secure and Simple

Cryptoloc Secure 2 Client is a powerful Electronic Document Signing platform that offers both flexibility and security. Available as a Microsoft Outlook Add-In, AWS API or fully customised solution that integrates with your ERP, CRM or other software.

Secure 2 Client is designed for businesses that want to fully digitalise their contract and agreement processes, without compromising security or risking a costly data breach. It works exactly the same as other Electronic Document Signing platforms with the addition of our patented triple-layer security solution which combines AES 256, RSA 4096 and RSA OAEP encryption into one unified technology.

Send fully encrypted documents straight from Microsoft Outlook using an Add In available from Microsoft App Source. Integrate it with your AWS solution using our simple API available from AWS Marketplace or have a fully customised and integrated solution designed to your exact specifications.

Our unique SMS verification service ensures that only the intended recipient can view and sign your document, eliminating the risk of costly data breach incidents caused by employee error. Generate fully admissible digital signature certificates that are accepted by most judiciaries worldwide, automatically in a matter of seconds.

Whatever your requirements, Cryptoloc Secure 2 Client offers both the security and flexibility that can help revolutionise your contract process and reduce your paper consumption and carbon footprint.


Try S2C With Our FREE Online Demo

Our online demo allows you to experience S2C for yourself whether you want to use Microsoft Outlook, the AWS API or a fully integrated solution. No signup or downloads required.

Benefits for business

  • ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management) certified

  • Send fully encrypted documents

  • Built in SMS Identity Verification

  • Ready to use out of the box with Microsoft Outlook

  • Fully hosted service - no hardware required

  • Offers better security than other Document Signing platforms

  • Available from AWS Marketplace as a simple API

  • Fully admissible electronic certificate for every signature

  • Can be integrated with any ERP, CRM or software package as well as Active Directory.

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Save Money, Time & The Planet

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions With S2C

Digitising your contracts and agreements can be a great way to reduce your costs and your carbon footprint.

Find out how much you can save with our Carbon Calculator

Number of contracts you send each year:

Average number of pages per contract:


  • Contracts

  • Agreements

  • Digital Finance Agreements

  • Digital Loan Agreements 

  • Application Forms

  • Lease/ Sale Agreements

  • Realty Agreements

  • Contracts of Employment

  • Settlement Agreements

  • Compromise Agreements

  • Legal Agreements

  • Sales/ Purchase Orders

  • e-Procurement

  • Sales Quotes

  • Law Enforcement Documents

  • Court & Judiciary Documents

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Whether you urgently need an out of the box solution that can be setup in minutes, or a fully customised solution that integrates with your software systems, Secure 2 Client stands above the rest when it comes to flexibility. 

Click on a solution to find out more.

Microsoft Outlook Add-In

Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook. Send fully encrypted documents and request digital signatures with ease.


Easily integrate Secure2Client with your AWS application and only pay for the documents you send. Available from AWS Marketplace.


Our dedicated Integrations team can help your software developers build a custom integration for use with your software, including ERP's and CRM's.

Ready to go

Get started straight away using YDF.ai - our cloud file storage app. Receive signed documents in the cloud and pay for signatures as you go.

Send Fully Encrypted Documents And Request Digital Signatures Straight From Microsoft Outlook

Secure 2 Client integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, making it easy to send fully encrypted documents that cannot be manipulated or intercepted. Use our ready made Add In available from Microsoft App Source, or have our dedicated Integrations Team build you a custom Add In, that functions, looks and behaves exactly how you need it to.

Three Reasons To Choose S2C

Security On Another Level

Cryptoloc Secure 2 Client is built with security at its core. Our patented high security encryption technology shields your documents, protecting your business from interception, manipulation and DNS hijacking. As well as protecting your customers from identity theft and fraud.

Flexible Integration Options

With a range of integration options, out of the box solutions and an API for AWS, Cryptoloc Secure 2 Client works seamlessly with your systems and business processes. Our integration options offer both flexibility and scalability making it fast and affordable to optimise your business document processing.

Fully Supported

Secure 2 Client comes with access to our in house team of Delivery Managers and Integration Specialists whose job it is to ensure your S2C implementation is delivered as quickly as possible, without interrupting your business or budgets.

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Find Out How S2C Can Work For You

Our dedicated Solutions Team can help design and tailor a solution that fits your exact requirements. With over 50 people located in 5 offices across the globe, you are never far from an expert that understands the demands and needs of your business, region and industry. 

Free Demonstration

Our online demo allows you to experience S2C for yourself whether you want to use Microsoft Outlook, the AWS API or a fully integrated solution. No signup or downloads required.

Get It On AWS Marketplace

If you are looking to use our AWS API you can get started instantly.

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Need a Microsoft Outlook or fully integrated solution? Our Sales Team is here to help.

Electronic Document Signing,

Secure and Simple



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