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Detect and Prevent Counterfeiting

Cryptoloc QA is a highly effective anti-counterfeiting solution that has the power to eradicate counterfeit products from the supply chain, as well as detect and inform you of potential counterfeiting operations in real time.

What happens when loss prevention meets cybersecurity? You end up with the ultimate Counterfeit Prevention technology. Cryptoloc QA is a highly effective anti-counterfeiting solution that sets a new standard for counterfeit prevention. 


It allows anyone to verify that they are holding a genuine product in their hands, simply by using a free smartphone app. It detects potential counterfeiting through an advanced algorithm that knows when someone is trying to cheat it. It tells you in real time exactly where and when counterfeit products were scanned. It identifies the geographical spread and distribution of counterfeit products.  It feeds you valuable data on your distribution network and it makes supply chain traceability more accurate and secure than ever.

It works by adding a QR code to your product, which contains a unique serial (hash) number. That number is the key to unlocking encrypted data about that product, such as a serial or batch number, date of production, description, expiry, manufacturer name and more. 

When a code is scanned, QA forensically examines the audit trail for that code, such as when and where it was last scanned. If QA suspects the code has been duplicated it immediately flags the code as a counterfeit and notifies you of the exact geolocation of the scan. 

QA codes cannot be duplicated without being detected and every code is unique thanks to our patented encryption solution which combines AES 256, RSA 4096 and RSA OAEP into one unified technology. 

It can be applied to any product and your customers can either use our free QA smartphone app or your own custom branded app.

This is a new era for Counterfeit Prevention.

Benefits for business

  • Highly effective anti-counterfeiting solution

  • Detect geolocation and distribution of counterfeits

  • Creates a supply chain audit trail for every product

  • Virtually impossible to duplicate or fake codes

  • Can be applied to any product

  • No major changes to industrial processes required


Simple and Effective

Cryptoloc QA works by adding a QR code containing a unique string. That string contains an encrypted version of the product serial or batch number, expiry/ production dates (if applicable), product name and support information.


Only you can generate new codes, if anyone scans a suspect code, you will be instantly notified of the geolocation - helping you carry out enforcement before a counterfeit product enters the supply chain.

Move the red sliders to reveal each layer behind the QA Code.



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