Powerful cybersecurity solutions designed for the capital projects and infrastructure industry.

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Solutions for Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Our business is cybersecurity and no matter what industry you are in we have a number of cybersecurity solutions that are designed specifically to help your industry and applications. 

Our Solutions for your industry

Counterfeit Prevention & Traceability

Cryptoloc QA can help protect your premium brand and product by giving consumers and distributors the ability to verify the authenticity of a product, whilst reporting potential counterfeit products directly to you.

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Electronic Document Management

Cryptoloc Vault is a bespoke High Security Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). Protect your business whilst improving efficiency and productivity.

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Digital Signatures

Request audit-grade digital signatures straight from Microsoft Outlook, Cryptoloc Vault or your Amazon Web Services application. Send fully encrypted documents and verify the identity of the signatory using SMS.

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Encryption and Data Security

Our patented encryption technology combines both RSA 4096 and AES 256 encryption, along with splitting to ensure hackers cannot access your data and if they did, they wouldn't find anything usable.

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