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Cryptoloc Cloud is the only file storage and transfer platform powered by our patented three-key encryption technology

Store and share your data with the world’s most secure Electronic Data Management System (EDMS) cloud storage solution, powered by Cryptoloc’s patented technology.

  • Three-key encryption of all files stored and sent
  • Recover instantly from ransomware attacks
  • Share and sign legally binding documents with confidence
  • Work collaboratively with internal and external customers in a secure environment
  • Track every change and access any version of your documents at any time. 

Send fully encrypted documents
straight from Microsoft Outlook.

Simply add the Send and Sign add-in into your Outlook. Send fully encrypted documents from your inbox safely and securely to anyone you want. Protected by Cryptoloc’s patented cybersecurity technology.

Included FREE with all plans.

Cryptoloc Microsoft Add-in

Protect your data with
Cryptoloc Ransomware Recovery

Cryptoloc’s ransomware recovery lets you recover instantly from malicious ransomware attacks. Never pay a ransom again, and get your business operation back under way in just minutes.

Store, share and sign files, securely.

Work collaboratively in a secure environment. Create and manage workflows; know who accessed your data and when; and rest assured that no one but the people you want can see your files.

Track every change

Who said nothing lasts forever? With backup and disaster recovery built in, you can track every change and safely access any version of your content at any time.

Protection from cyber attacks

Costly cyber attacks are on the rise – but with Cryptoloc’s cloud storage, you can protect yourself and your business with a secure, up-to-date backup of all your files.

Seamless integration

Work and store files the way you always have, now with the added security of Cryptoloc, as our patented technology integrates seamlessly with your apps and processes.

Sync across devices

Be productive anywhere and everywhere at any time, whether you are online or offline. Cryptoloc syncs across all of your devices to bring everything together.

Endlessly adaptable

One size doesn’t fit all, so Cryptoloc gives you the ability to customise your cloud to your exact requirements. With limitless scalability, our secure storage solution grows with your needs.

Using computers

We have been using the Cryptoloc Cloud platform for over five years, as a secure way of transferring files with sensitive data to/from our customers. Prior to that, sending encrypted files via email was becoming inefficient and also unreliable as those emails often got blocked. This platform addressed those issues and also allowed us to have more control over the file sharing workflow within the context of team collaboration.

Petr Chrapavy – Chief Security Officer, RIoT Solutions

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