Cryptoloc BACKUP

Backup your data and recover it when hackers hit

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At some point, your business-critical data will be hacked.

Cryptoloc Backup automatically fortifies a backup of your business data in the cloud. Recover instantly from attacks and get all your data back, fast. Your staff can easily access what they need - from a single file to their computer folders to the whole organisation. Its gets you back to business, fast.

Get back to business fast

With real time data recovery and ransomware detection capability, you can minimise any business disruption caused by a cyber-attack.

Avoid data deletion

With automatic back-ups of your information to Cryptoloc’s cloud-based system, you don’t have to worry about malicious or unintentional deletion of data.

No hardware required

Our cloud-based solution eliminates the cost of hardware needed for physical backup systems, so you can minimise upfront investment costs.

Let users recover their files

Your staff can access and recover their own data – from a single file through to their whole hard drive. You get the power to choose and recover.

Cryptoloc's patented three key encryption
Three-key encryption

Your data will protected by our patented three-key encryption, so it can’t be hacked or read by malicious actors.

Built-in ransomware protection

Cryptoloc Backup has built-in ransomware recovery. You’ll get your business back online, almost instantly.

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