Digital Finance Agreements

Reduce underwriting times, protect against fraud, improve customer service, all whilst satisfying your regulatory requirements.

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Digital Finance Agreements

Cryptoloc has a range of highly tailored solutions designed to help you digitise your finance agreements, right from their early stages. Improve your underwriting process, reduce the risk of fraud and close deals quickly using Cryptoloc Secure 2 Client - a powerful electronic signature platform designed to fully integrate with your business. Store Digital Finance Agreements securely in the cloud with Cryptoloc Vault - a bespoke Electronic Document Management System designed to help businesses effectively store documents in the cloud, whilst securing them using our patented encryption.

Our Solutions

Business Benefits

Send Digital Finance Agreements quickly and easily

Reduce the underwriting process with electronic signatures

Reduce the risk of fraud by verifying identities by SMS

Store fully encrypted Digital Finance Agreements in the cloud securely

Cryptoloc Vault

Electronic Document Management System

Vault is a fully customisable, high security EDMS designed for businesses that need a secure, cloud based document storage location, that fully integrates with their software processes and takes care of their compliance/ privacy and retention rules. 

Cryptoloc Secure 2 Client

Electronic Document Signing Platform

Secure 2 Client is a full featured Electronic Document Signing Platform available for Microsoft Outlook, AWS or integration with your CRM/ ERP/ other software. Secure 2 Client offers fully compliant electronic signatures and identity verification.

Cryptoloc QA

Counterfeit Prevention Solution

Cryptoloc QA is a powerful counterfeit prevention product that can be applied to virtually any product. It works by using a unique patented code that can be scanned by any smartphone, using a free app. If a fake code is detected, QA let's you know where it is.

Cryptoloc Encryption

Patented Multi-Layer Encryption Technology

Cryptoloc has developed and patented one of the world's most secure encryption technologies which can be deployed to any encryption demanding application. It combines RSA 4096 encryption with AES 256 encrypted keys each split into three parts.

High Security Cloud File Storage Service is a high security cloud file storage service powered by Cryptoloc.  The subscription based service allows small businesses and individuals to securely store their files in the cloud, protected by Cryptoloc's patented encryption technology.

Cryptoloc makes remote working easy and secure.

COVID-19 has changed the way we view the work environment and at Cryptoloc we believe the workplace should't be confined to the office. Our range of high security cloud solutions are designed to make remote working easy whilst offering the same level of security, whether your employees are in the office or working from home. 

About Cryptoloc Technology Group

Cryptoloc Technology Group is an Australian cybersecurity company with offices in Japan, United Kingdom, United States and South Africa. We have designed, developed and patented a high security encryption technology which we deploy across a number of solutions including Electronic Document Management System's, Electronic Signatures, Cloud File Storage and a highly effective Counterfeit Prevention technology. 

Security is at our core which is why we design our solutions to make security, the first functional priority. Our solutions are designed for businesses of all sizes that need security above anything else. Reduce your risk of fraud, cyber attacks and fines with our range of secure business solutions.

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ISO 27001:2013 Certified

As an ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management certified company, you can be sure that our first priority is the security of information and data. Our solutions are built with both security and privacy in mind, which is our solutions offer the very best standards when it comes to protecting your business and your customer's data.