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We come from a land down under

In 2010 an accountant from Brisbane set out to change the way the world stores it's documents

Our story is really from our Founder, Jamie Wilson and his journey. Jamie was a pioneer in developing an encryption solution which provided a safe way for people to securely store and share documents such as medical records, wills and estates, travel documents.

Jamie’s story started when his father was diagnosed with cancer and continued to gain momentum with the loss of personal records during a major flood event in Australia.


Jamie, sought people smarter, wiser and more technically savvy than him to gain knowledge, understanding and to start developing solutions that sought to create a solution that was differentiated by two things – TRUST and INTEGRITY. 


Whilst organisations were seeking to make the most of the beginning of major digital transformation, Jamie was already highlighting the risks.

Group Timeline


Our fast moving history

Jamie Wilson begins world cyber security research trip
Group becomes incorporated.
2010 - Founded
Cryptoloc Technology launched in Brisbane
Development of Cryptoloc Encryption Platform begins
First patents filed in US, Australia & Hong Kong
Expansion into mobile devices launched.
Group attains positive cash flow in results
ISO Certification
Your Digital File is launched in Australia
Patents granted in AU-NZ
George Street office opens
George St
New York office opens
2 Industry Awards Won
Expansion into UK & SA
Europe & Tokyo
offices open

Our Group

Two companies, one vision

The Cryptoloc Technology Group incorporates both Cryptoloc and Your Digital File - two companies that specialize in securing brands, products and data. Cryptoloc specialises in white label B2B products including Vault - our bespoke Electronic Document Management System, QA an effective anti-counterfeiting solution, Secure2Client - our digital signature and document sharing platform/ API and Connect, our range of value added services to compliment our products including scanning, digitisation and processing. Your Digital File was launched in 2014 and specialises in the B2C sector, providing an out of the box SaaS cloud storage solution which has several thousands of users across the globe.

Executive Management

Cryptoloc Technology Group

Jamie Wilson

Founder & Chairman


Jamie qualified as an accountant from the University of Technology Queensland, before founding his own practice specialising in portfolios exceeding $100m. In 2010 he founded Cryptoloc with the aim of changing the way the world stores, manages and shares documents.

Melissa Crossman

Chief Executive Officer


Melissa is a graduate of both the University of Technology Queensland and University of South Queensland and comes from a background in data science. Melissa joined Cryptoloc in 2017 where she served as Chief Data Scientist, before being promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2020.

Craig Mills

Chief Operating Officer


Craig joined Cryptoloc in 2016 and played a fundamental role in the planning and development of the core range of products. Craig comes from a background in network and systems consultancy and has worked in key roles with companies including ABB and Netstar Australia.

Debbie Joyce

Chief Sales Officer


Debbie has come from a strong background in the food, dairy and agriculture sector and has studied at Macquarie University in Sydney. Debbie specialises in our QA product where she represents Cryptoloc in the agri-food and dairy industries.

Rick Fuller

Head of Europe, Scandinavia & UK


Rick joined Cryptoloc in 2019 having met Jamie Wilson in Tokyo and has been tasked with managing the European operations for the group. Rick has a strong background in industry disrupting SaaS startups, having been an early employee of billion-dollar success story Tradeshift and has previously worked at Kuehne + Nagel and TNT Post.

Neeren Ramharakh

Head of Americas

New York

Neeren comes from a background in IT specifically within the broadcasting and telecommunications sector and has worked for a number of major blue chip companies across the globe including Motorola. Neeren manages Cryptoloc's operations in the USA.

Neil Bevan

Head of Japan


Neil joined Cryptoloc in 2020 and comes from a strong background in management consulting and recruitment. Originally from the UK, Neil has lived and worked in Japan for over 24 years and has built up an extensive knowledge of Japanese culture as well as a fluency in Japanese.


Over 50 employees based at 5 different offices

Brisbane - Australia

Global Head Office & Asia Pacific Office

Contact Sales

      +61 7 3532 3919


Asia-Pacific: +61 7 3532 3919

Europe: +44 (0) 1223 929 000

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