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This time it’s personal: Why we’re starting the Jamie Versus The Hack podcast

October 25, 2021

By Jamie Wilson, Founder and Chairman of Cryptoloc

Things aren’t normal.

Even before that pesky thing called the novel coronavirus hit us, cybersecurity hacks and devastating ransomware attacks on businesses were already rising.

Like many other aspects of business, the pandemic has just accelerated things. 

But this time, businesses have never been more at risk. Staff working from home have unleashed a plethora of problems on companies’ cyber and data security. And the numbers prove it.

Ransomware attacks are through the roof, and the monetary and data losses suffered by businesses is reaching a fever pitch.

But there’s something else. As much as hacks and attacks have spiked, so too has the amount of work needing urgent attention on boardroom tables.

And my fear is that cyber and data risks aren’t high on the priority list for them. Second to that, from the conversations I have every week and the data emerging from surveys and research around the globe, the understanding of what it means to protect businesses and individuals from these attacks is stagnating.

Enter our new podcast, Jamie Versus The Hack.

Every month I’ll guide our Hack – our poor producer who doesn’t know their ransomware from their menswear – through the cybersecurity topics that should matter to the boardroom. We’ll use real-life case studies, talk to expert guests, break down where things can go wrong and what to do if it happens to you or your business.

You can expect to learn a commonsense approach to protecting your business at every penetration point. And because our Hack has next to no idea about cybersecurity, we’ll take the simplest, most effective approach. And we’ll laugh (or potentially cry) as we go through it.

The huge range of cybersecurity podcasts out there are focused on confusing tech terms, and long-winded and boring conversations. The problem is that the devastating outcomes of cyber attacks aren’t just technical. The effects of cybersecurity breaches are shockingly real. Businesses and data can be lost, sure. But don’t forget real people get hurt. Hacks on hospitals. Hacks on aged care companies. Hacks on critical services like electricity and water providers. 

Boards have an obligation to know these threats and address them. Jamie Versus The Hack will tell you how to do just that. Because cybersecurity isn’t just business, it’s personal.

Listen on our website at, or through Spotify or Apple Podcasts.